Wheel of Time map

This page contains photos of my lego map of the main continent ("Randland" or "The Wetlands") from The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan has passed away, but he left an active fan community at Dragonmount, which is a great place to go for an introduction to the series.

Spoiler warning: there are no spoilers herein as a traditional version of the map is included at the start of every book in the series.

You can view the artwork either through the gallery below or the individual image links just below the gallery. Below that, I have included a discussion of the lego build, followed by copyright and use information. If you're on mobile, the menus are at the bottom of the page.  There is also a video version posted on TikTok (no account needed to watch).


Individual image links

Except for the full-size map, each image has three versions: one with key regions labeled, one with no labels, and one with key regions labeled only with a letter.

About this build

The full build occupied 70" by 55".  The only customization required was for the flags.  I designed the flags in GIMP (freeware similar to Photoshop) and then printed them on waterslide decals.

Legal stuff

The artwork on this page is copyright 2021 by Richard Martin. The source material is copyright by Robert Jordan.

Feel free to download the images in this gallery and to use them for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to re-post them online, you may do so as long as you give me credit by either citing me (Rick Martin) as the artist, linking to this site, and/or linking to my Facebook page or my Twitter account.

I am not affiliated with Robert Jordan or the Bandersnatch Group in any way.