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Sanderson Acrostic


Answers are in white font; highlight them to reveal them.

  • Quotation: "And his father's voice seemed to whisper a reply. Somebody has to start, son. Somebody has to step forward and do what is right, because it is right. If nobody starts, then others cannot follow." From The Way of Kings, chapter 67, Words.
  • A. Hoid
  • B. T'Telir
  • C. Ym
  • D. Rayse
  • E. Paws
  • F. Thanadal
  • G. Buds
  • H. Sons of Honor
  • I. Iyatil
  • J. Soothes
  • K. Hrathen
  • L. Ati
  • M. Tresting
  • N. POVs (points of view)
  • O. Chanarach
  • P. Seb (Susebron)
  • Q. Cosmere
  • R. Shards
  • S. Boots
  • T. Pits
  • U. Teod
  • V. Wood
  • W. Frost
  • X. Teft
  • Y. Heb
  • Z. Wit
  • AA. Moody
  • BB. Weedfingers

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