Lego T-Shirts

This page showcases the lego/book themed T-shirts that I have custom-made for wearing to conventions.

Spoilers: negligible.

You can view the files either through the gallery below or the individual image links just below the gallery. Below that, I have included a discussion of the creation process, followed by copyright and use information. If you're on mobile, the menus are at the bottom of the page.


Individual image links

About this album

To make most of the images on the shirts, I first built the character I wanted and photographed it, then commissioned an artist to make a drawing including line art and shading comparable to the photo.  Some of the shirts are directly from the photos when I could clean up the images enough.  I added text in Photoshop and sent the composite image to Rush Order Tees for printing.  They mostly came out ok, but I had to have three of them reprinted due to printing errors, and the shirt sizing is very inconsistent, so I don't really endorse that particular printer.

Legal stuff

The artwork on this page is copyright 2023 by Richard Martin. The source material is copyright by the respective authors of the referenced works.

I do not grant permission for any of my work to be used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated content in any way whatsoever, commercial or not. You may download the images in this gallery and use them for other non-commercial purposes. If you wish to re-post them online, you may do so as long as you give me credit by either citing me (Rick Martin) as the artist, linking to this site, and/or linking to my Facebook page.  You may not use these images on products that you sell.