Lego Building Instructions

Eolian lego fan artThis page contains building instructions that I've made for a few of my models. Each one has a part list at the back so that you can prepare all at once before you build.  In some cases I have provided a part list file in XML format which can be cut-and-paste into the Wanted List page within Bricklink for easy ordering.  These instructions were made using Ldraw, MLCad, and Lpub, and the cover pages were made using GIMP.

You may download these freely and use them for personal, non-commercial purposes, but please do not re-post them online.


Lego designs based on Brandon Sanderson's works

Design Name Thumbnail Files Source Material Notes
Chull Instructions

Part list
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Based on the Shallan's Sketchbook illustration by Ben McSweeney.
Keep Venture (Facade) Instructions

Part list
Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson This version was designed to fit in an aquarium, so it is smaller and more open than implied by the books.

Lego designs based on Robert Jordan's works

Design Name Thumbnail Files Source Material Notes
Waygate Instructions The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan Some assembly required.

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