Fan Art of Legends & Lattes

This page contains lego fan art for Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree.  The album shows all of the primary and secondary characters from the book, as well as my interpretation of the renovated livery building.  The build itself will be on display in the art show at JordanCon 2023.  My minifigure designs for Viv and Tandry are based on the wonderful cover art by Carson Lowmiller.

Spoiler note: modest plot spoilers for Legends & Lattes can be inferred from this album.  Unless you have finished the book, proceed at your own discretion.

You can view the artwork either through the gallery below or the individual image links just below the gallery. Below that, I have included a discussion of the lego builds and some of the customization involved, followed by copyright and use information. If you're on mobile, the menus are at the bottom of the page.


Individual image links

About these builds

Custom-printed items include Viv's head, Viv's torso (front and back), Tandri's head, Tandri's torso, the cafe sign, and the menu.  These were all designed by me but printed by MinifigFX using a digital UV printer.  Durias' chess board is a waterslide decal.  Custom third-party parts include Gallina's torso (pad printed by KTown Bricks), Thimble's head (made by Crazy Bricks), and Thimble's apron (made by Capes4Minifigs).  The four signs on the sign board and the four decorative bottles on the wall right next to the ladder were also printed by KTown Bricks.  Tandri's hair and horns were made by cutting the nub ends off of two lego horns and then gluing them to a lego hair piece.  I use E6000 for that.  It works much better than superglue but it takes three days to cure and the fumes are toxic, so use with caution.

Legal stuff

The artwork on this page is copyright 2023 by Richard Martin. The source material is copyright by Travis Baldree.  I am not affiliated with Travis Baldree or his publishers in any way.

I do not grant permission for any of my work to be used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated content in any way whatsoever, commercial or not. You may download the images in this gallery and use them for other non-commercial purposes. If you wish to re-post them online, you may do so as long as you give me credit by either citing me (Rick Martin) as the artist, linking to this site, and/or linking to my Facebook page or my Twitter account.